HP8757C 标量网络分析仪

厂家: 美国惠普


使用高方向性定向电桥(HP85027A,B,E: >40dB到20GHz; HP85027D: >25dB到47GHz)可以提高反射测量的精度。

8757C Scalar Network Analyzer

Measures insertion loss, gain, return loss, SWR, and power quickly and accurately The 8757C incorporates high-performance detectors and directional bridges to become the basis of a complete measurement system with excellent performance. The HP 8757C features three detector inputs and four independent display channels, allowing simultaneous ratioed or non-ratioed measurement of your device's transmission and reflection characteristics, 76 dB dynamic range (+16 to -60 dBm) for measuring high rejection devices, and a choice between AC (square wave modulated) or DC detection techniques. The internal plotter/printer buffer allows you to send your measurement data directly to a plotter and then proceed to the next measurement, typically in less than 5 seconds. The 8757C includes a user-friendly interface, and menu-driven, direct-access softkeys, which simplify its operation. This unit also features limit testing, external disk save/recall, 40 dB directivity bridges, 40 GHz in coax, 110 GHz in waveguide, and a color display. Limit testing reduces test time by letting the analyzer make quick and objective pass/fail decisions. The precision color display simplifies the separation of measurement.


11664A: 10 MHz-18 GHz scalar detector, Type N

11664B: 26.5GHZ DETECTOR

11664C: Detector adapter for 8755/8756/8757s

85025A: 10 MHz 至 18 GHz

85025D: 同轴检波器,交流/直流,10 MHz 至 50 GHz


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